Aralyn | Three Year Old Shoot


I truly love toddler shoots.


I know you don’t believe me.  Dreaded by parents and photographers alike, toddler shoots are best known for their obedience to Murphy’s Law.   If it can go wrong the day of the  shoot- it will.   You can be relatively certain that it will be the  one day your toddler does not take a nap, loses their favorite blanket/toy/pacifier, arrives at the shoot hungry, bruises their face, or generally falls victim to any number of toddler calamities resulting in most clients pulling up stressed to the maxed with a toddler mid meltdown.

All of this is completely true, but I LOVE toddler shoots.

Wanna know why?  Am I glutton for punishment?  Do I love seeing parents stressed out?



Toddlers are genuine.

100% genuine.



This means that the storm won’t last forever.  They cannot help but begin to explore the world around  them, and given enough time, snacks, and hugs, they cannot help but see the sunshine again.  And, when they do, you will not find more precious, genuine, curious, loving and altogether adorable creatures.  I love those little faces.   I love watching the storms subside, the parents relax when they realize I am totally serious that all-toddlers-do-this-and-it-really-is-okay, and the little ones actually begin to have fun.




And,  I love it that their little arms barely stretch over they tops of their heads.


I am beyond lucky to have been photographing this gorgeous little darling since birth!

I cannot even begin to tell you how neat it is to watch her grow.

She is just so stinking precious!!!


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